SPHM Program Support with ATLAS Lift Tech

ATLAS Lift Tech

ATLAS Lift Tech is a safe patient handling and mobility (SPHM) program services provider operating with a goal of improving safety during patient lifting while at the same time lowering the rate of care provider injury and reducing operating costs. To this end, ATLAS Lift Tech has developed the Lift Coach program, which features SPHM training support, a variety of consulting services, and the deployment of full-time, onsite program specialists. The Lift Coach program also includes a comprehensive facility assessment, allowing for a truly optimized patient and care provider experience.

ATLAS was established by company president and board director Eric Race. In his leadership role with the organization, he seeks to develop long-term strategy and assist clients in the development of a workplace culture rooted in safe practices. Prior to establishing the company, Eric Race engaged in various aspects of patient care with the Stockton Fire Department in Stockton, California, and Level I trauma centers throughout Contra Costa County.